Awards for good business – do you like being recognised?

Liz holding the Topproducer 2015-2016 Award for good business

Liz holding the Topproducer 2015-2016 Award for good business, presented by Beyuna has received quite some awards for good business recently! In July, Beyuna awarded us for #1 Producer (best sales) in the year 2015-2016. This took place during a gala cruise on the Ocean Diva in Amsterdam’s harbor  area, beautifully illuminated.

We were surprised as we didn’t anticipate to receive this award. Even during the announcement, we didn’t have a clue on what was really happening. Then we heard our names announced. Wow! Do you know that feeling? We rushed to the stage and received that great artwork representing the efforts put in.

Then, Beyuna is rewarding good business – by doing fun things. Do you have on your bucket list

  • Driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche – really fast?
  • Enjoying nice dinners in fancy restaurants?
  • Joining a balloon ride?
Sky high! Did you experience a balloon ride?

Sky high at 1,000m! Did you ever experience a balloon ride?

These are examples of what we do when we’ve reached targets. It’s not for a peak performance: the measure is actually aimed to achieve regular business during a couple of months. And we love it! What we do for it? Just our normal business by helping to make people feel healthier, better-looking and show them how to earn money and build a residual stream of income.

Sport as good business

Compare it with the performance of elite athletes. They are setting their targets (achieving the championship or winning a tournament) and determine the road to go (training or regular sports performance). The award for them is the championship – that’s the trophy they are aiming for! This also explains that these athletes can perform well in working with this business.

Doing so, achieving the targets is just fun! Have you thought of how you can combine fun and being rewarded in what you are doing in your regular job?