Zoya Nail Polish and Nail Care Products

Zoya Nail Polish is available in our webshop

Zoya Nail Polish is available in our webshop

We include a line of Zoya Nail Polish and nail care products of highest quality. The nail varnish doesn’t contain the ‘Big 5’ harmful ingredients, making that the nail polish is safe to use by all women, including women that are pregnant.

The products are of high quality as Women’s Magazine has awarded Zoya Nail Polish as longest-lasting after tests by users of the products. Safe ingredients don’t necessarily mean loss of quality!


The Zoya Nail Polish is available in a growing number of colours and we recommend to go to the online shop to see the available colours. Zoya is working together with fashion designers and brands to create a variety of fashionable nail lacquers matching your outfit or mood. Also there are season-specific colours available. So check out the collection regularly!

Nail care

To prepare the nails, additional products are available to take care of the nails. To apply a basic layer and top coating, we recommend using the Zoya Color Lock System. The ingredients help taking care of the nails and assure optimal performance of the products.

There are more products for nail care available – also to feed the nails and improve their strength. Please see the online shop for further details.

Zoya Nail Polish available in 22 European countries!

Using the webshop, the Zoya products are available in the Netherlands and 21 countries in Europe. Please adjust the country (and set the language to Dutch) to see the colours and the collection. Just order online and UPS will bring you the products!

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