Brick and Mortar wholesalers missing the app flow?

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Quite some supermarkets (in The Netherlands) are into e-commerce for retail, as at Albert Heijn (AH) it is possible to order online through and get the groceries delivered in the kitchen. In the UK, Tesco, Asda and other supermarkets, this also is possible. Or they have a handy app for smartphones where you can collect your shopping list (manually or using the bar code on the articles) and go to the traditional supermarket and get the items sorted in the order you can find them in the aisles so you can do the shopping efficiently.

So – looking into the app market (Android, but also on Apple’s iOS they are available), the traditional wholesalers like Sligro, Makro, Hanos and Hocras where time is money is even more important (and where the lay-out is not always as clear) don’t have such apps. And the professionals are even more dependent of ease of mind when collecting the articles they need – and more importantly: not forget them when they are in the store.

I think these businesses are missing the point here. This is a way of keeping their clients hooked, help them in their processes and more important: make them return. They all are mailing round (paper booklets on a weekly basis AND e-mail) including recipe ideas for the owners of pubs and restaurants. That’s also content for their apps. And a convenient way to be involved in another e-commerce activity. It will be appreciated and needed.

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