You’re employed. But do you have the job?

The crisis seems to be flying over, at least in our country. Many people take time to breathe. More people are getting hired. Still, it’s worthwhile to think about this: you’re employed, but do you have the job? Why do I ask this question? Because – if you have a …

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Best Online Processing Options for Ecommerce Start-Ups


Join the Ecommerce Explosion – Shoppers Set to Spend USD262 billion Online Online shopping is set to rise this year in the US with internet savvy consumers, enjoying the convenience afforded by ecommerce, and spending more and more time online.  According to Forrester Research, in 2012 ecommerce generated a staggering USD231 …

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Holiday greetings and our growth plans for 2013

Joost and Liz looking forward to a bright 2013

This is a great time to reflect and to think about the year to come. First of all, we want to share our reflection on last year. For the next year, we will commit for further expansion. We are to grow our organisation with 12 business partners, each of them aiming …

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