Everything in life is energy

Everything in life is Energy

Everything in life is Energy

I attended the UltimateMarketing Strategy day of the Open Circles Academy today – they are known from the Business Bootcamps. It was an interesting experience. I did not necessarily need the marketing system but of course was interested in the approach of Open Circles as I heard a lot about it. And it was interesting, eye-opening and of course we were able to meet many people as networking is one of the good side-effects of attending trainings anyway.

Nisandeh Neta made a note on the chart ‘Everything in life is energy’ which was maybe not the main content of the seminar but it’s worthwhile to stop here a little moment and reflect upon this simple thought. Energy has its reflections on your presentation in general but also it involves the immune system. People with low energy tend to have a lower immune system and therefore, be sick more often. And many people lack of energy. How? Because the food does not offer it in sufficient quantities: it contains less and less nutrients.

Is it because of the lack of energy that people have (at least in the Netherlands) an aversion towards the ‘american-style’ presentations? Are they afraid to use their energy? What impression do you get when you are calling a business, where the phone is taken by a person who obviously sounds at low-energy, sometimes even ill (this happened with me even when calling a health centre in the UK!)? Will that make a deal for you or do you think twice getting involved with them?

I think energy is crucial when you run a business. Your energy and the energy of people around you. That’s what the people doing business with you are looking for and value.

Go for it! High-five!

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