Is your make-up healthy? Zoya has news for you!

It may sound surprising to you to hear the question ‘Is your make-up healthy?’ You probably have read earlier posts on this website about the Zoya nail polish that doesn’t contain the 5 (actually, 10) big toxins that are common in nail polish and nail care products.

Zoya Enchanted seasonal nail polish

Zoya Enchanted seasonal nail polish

Towards the festive time, Zoya has introduced a line of new products in its offer. One is a collection of seasonal nail colours: Enchanted. They are fashionable and with special effects like Pixi Dust that gives a metallic and starring effect on your fingers! Also, in the nail polish section you’ll see attractive gift sets, that combine a nail polish and lipstick. So they are good for yourself and also for your friends and family to give away!

Talking about lipstick, a range of 12 colours lipstick has also entered the scene. Like the Zoya nail polish it shares the philosophy of including just healthy ingredients which means no parabenes for example. Liz has experienced that the lipstick is nice soft and creamy to use; the touch is great for her!

Zoya lipstick

Zoya lipstick is available for every mood and style

Together they make a good combination – Think of it when you are preparing yourself for the dinners and occasions that wait for you in these months of the year!

Detox also from the outside in!

You may think – that’s interesting, what difference do this make, a nail polish without these toxins?

It’s quite trendy – doing a detox. For many people this means cutting a bit of the regular diet or not eating at all for a certain period of time (which we wouldn’t recommend for detox). At the same time, they apply nail polish that contains formaldehyde, kamfer and toluene. So detoxing from one side and then adding toxins to your body from the outside. These toxic ingredients get into your body through your nails (they are allowing nail polish to enter the body) and reach your blood within 7 hours. From there, they also have an impact on your hormones, for example. Did you know a paint factory in The Netherlands had to close its production lines (and doors) because formaldehyde was leaking at some stage? Makes me think…

As the Zoya nail polish doesn’t have these toxic ingredients, they can be used by pregnant women (who normally are advised not to wear nail polish) and for example children. Did you notice that they use nail polish and actually eat it off? Do you want your girl to eat toxic materials?