Job for life? Or life for a job?

Regional 171Earlier days, you were told to go to school, study, get a decent job. The government, railways, post service and banks had a reputation for employment from the time you left school or university until you were to retire. Those times seem to have gone, for people who may have lost touch with life of these days. Lifelong employment is not there anymore. It looks like especially not with banks, postal services and in lesser amount, transportation. Employers, if they are not throwing people out in reorganisatoins, are more likely to stay flexible in their contracts. For their good – however it seems that this creates a movement in the labour market that makes it easier for people to find a new place to work as well.

In the same time, they are likely not to find a new job with a contract for a long term. The first contract will be an annual contract in most cases. Is a job nowadays a ‘secure’ way to acquire an income? Not so sure. Yes, you don’t have the business in your own hands so you don’t need to sell yourself everytime again. But if you were reorganised or lost your job for another reason, it’s not your decision per se. What about security of a job? You can be fired, all the time again.

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At the same time about 60% of the people aim to be self employed. Why is it that only a small part of them actually start a business? What is holding the others back making this change? If you read about Robert Kyosaki, Donald Trump, and other business people, you should know better. And know that the only difference you can make is by actually making a change.

They think people should not be dependent on one stream of income. I believe in the principle of ‘portfolio people’ who have more than one stream of income and where all of the activities benefit from one another. And here’s where the employers could be more open minded. They often act as if they own their staff, and their lives. They should appreciate however their people are extending their vision and reaching out for the world. They may find something in it for them as well.

So, when will you make a change and create a business? You will be amazed of the results. Just develop and follow your vision. Mine is to have a worldwide e-commerce company, working with people from all over the world and helping them to improve their lives. I think there’s in value in that. What do you think?

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