Media profesionals, is your income model of this time?

Journalists - waiting for a job. Image courtesy: Henri via Flickr

Journalists – waiting for a job. Image courtesy: Henri via Flickr

It has long been known that professionals who work in the media, especially when they are self-employed, are not ranking between the highest paid. However, it was shocking to see that research showed that as many as 40% of media professionals in The Netherlands can not live independently from income they earn from their hard work.

Then there’s the perspective that many self-employed media professionals may not have chosen the path of a self-employed existence voluntarily. Reorganisations and high competition among independent media professionals, in particular between the journalists who have not not chosen themselves to be an entrepreneur are the cause they get hourly rates lower than the average €58 before taxes. It might even be roughly half of that. The average annual income is somewhere around €23,000. This is well below an average income in The Netherlands. In the UK, 33.9% of the freelance journalists report to earn below GBP10,000 and a third of the journalists have a second job to add to the income ‘building’

Traditional towards economy

Photo journalist. Image courtesy: Judhi Prastyo via Flickr

Photo journalist. Image courtesy: Judhi Prastyo via Flickr

My observation is that many journalists have a very traditional opinion of the economy and the opportunities that are available nowadays. They are also very skilled professionals, motivated for the job. That is, of course, commendable! I think there is similar to the problem: she likes to look at a different way to the world. They want to eventually end up with much the same “trick” then earn another way. And that in these times perhaps less useful if you want to earn your own income.

How to improve your situation?

Of course there is an alternative, and that requires one thing: step outside the familiar paths and take on the challenge. Meet the new economy and new opportunities. That does not necessarily mean that you need to specify what you like and what are your roots. This can even combine well be. The key starts with one insight: the home of the income can be built with multiple columns. Journalism is one of them, which can be combined with other sources.

We are working with an income stream that is based on the ‘new economy’ power of sharing, ideas and e-commerce. Based on recommendations that you make when you are using products that you like and experience as good. To talk in the publishing language: it’s a royalty income.

Look around you see the possibilities. Take the challenge.