Our business model

Feeling-healthy.net is associated with Beyuna, an international organisation marketing state of the art and registered fast moving consumer goods focussing on energy, weight management, stamina, sport and fitness and preventive health, expanding. Product lines that have the attention in people’s minds.

International business expansion

The business now is operational in Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Strong trio: wellness, e-commerce and network marketing

By combining wellness, e-commerce and network marketing, we operate in three growth markets in an unique concept.

The advantage of franchise is you will work with a proven concept and a built-in business plan. Experience and knowledge of experienced entrepreneurs being involved in these markets for a longer time is available. You are not alone and you can make use of the training and coaching in various training centres will be contributing to your success.

Courier boxes

E-commerce through the service organisation frees you from the physical trade. Products are ordered using your website and in fact sold, administered and handled by Beyuna. Delivery takes place using a courier service like TNT, FedEx or UPS. This business does not require investments in infrastructure, warehousing, inventory and you have no debtors. The internet facilitates doing business 24/7 worldwide.

Wellness is a growing market. That’s what the products are about – they contribute to improved physical condition, like energy, weight management, optimal health. Did you notice that people are getting older and at the same time don’t want to compromise on their fitness? The products we bring on the markets are safe, have results and are over the counter (OTC) meaning they either are good for everybody to use and can be additional business or upsell for certain professions.

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