Beyuna and Zoya available in 22 countries

The biggest news of the Beyuna Exclusive Business Day was making Beyuna and Zoya available in 22 countries all-over Europe. In addition to The Netherlands, the UK, Belgium and Germany, the new countries where you can order Beyuna nutritional supplements and Zoya Nail Polish using the online shop: Austria, Cyprus, …

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Best Online Processing Options for Ecommerce Start-Ups


Join the Ecommerce Explosion – Shoppers Set to Spend USD262 billion Online Online shopping is set to rise this year in the US with internet savvy consumers, enjoying the convenience afforded by ecommerce, and spending more and more time online.  According to Forrester Research, in 2012 ecommerce generated a staggering USD231 …

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Bakeries and sweet shops winners of High Street


Interesting enough, this infographic is showing which parts of the economy are doing better than others in the UK. Did you ever think that there are some categories of shops are making a mega-jump ‘upstairs’ like bakeries and sweet shops? Interesting. Alse the fact that it seems that shops in …

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Will you take the online marketing challenge?

Online marketeers are often focused on improving results. They improve the performance of business and websites, at the benefit of other people. Did they ever consider optimising their own results? That’s why the Online Marketing Challenge has been launched. This competition is based on the fact that marketeers are …

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Starting and small business versus rules

The Netherlands faces an economy that is say crippling. People and professionals are put outof their jobs and try to create an existence, which can get difficult if they also have to deal with a mortgage that can change towards more expensive because of government-like decisions. Starting an online business …

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