The unique in business is you


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - SEPTEMBER 26: LinkenIn Corp CEO Jeff Weiner (L), and U.S. President Barack Obama, (R), greets the audience during town hall meeting hosted by LinkedIn Corp. at the Computer History Museum on September 26, 2011 in Mountain View, California. The president used the opportunity to share his view on job creation and the current economy. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

What is unique in business? Many people try to find this like the bucket with gold under the rainbow. Forbes describes in a great article how any business can survive and grow, in any economy. I think the article touches to a couple of enrtepreneur’s characteristics and bare business basics. For example the stock market. This seems to be a guidance on the overall economy, and according to me it is heavily overvalued in the media. It is a derived, parallel market which turns everybody’s eyes away from what is most important: running a business that makes money. And there still is money, and people still want your products and services – you may need to emphasise the solution you can bring to them. You may need to re-focus on the benefits that you and your company may bring to the clients – perhaps this can be drastical. Where are you saving the client headaches and money? Show this and you have a benefit that is worth the price. Look where potential clients will be and allow to be found. You yourself must be the solution – but your (potential) clients need to be aware of that. So communicate this difference to the people you want to do business with!

I could prove it with my LinkedIn profile. I have chosen to take a paid profile, which entitles me to see more details about the people who are searching for me. The first 50-55% of the people arriving on my profile after a search did so when typing in variations on my name. Which means that it didn’t really matter what I mentioned in the summary, which is indexed by Google, as long as my name is in there. And some other words related to what may be useful for people to know about me as this of course gives some other anchors for the search engine. That’s making a difference. Not the business. Not the strategy. The person behind it all makes the difference which can not be replaced. You.

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